One fundamental truth that will keep you inspired to workout

One Fundamental Truth That Will Keep You Inspired To Workout

We want to be healthy and fit. And we know that exercise is a major component of that. Then why is that we sometimes have such a hard time getting to the gym to workout? What stops us from adhering to the healthy habits we covet? Well, let’s talk for a moment about what motivates us. And before we get to the one fundamental truth that will keep you inspired to workout, let’s be honest about some of the things we say to ourselves to sabotage our efforts. Because even though we have the best intentions of being healthy and fit, our critical inner voice can kick in and come up with a host of reasons why you should skip out.

Things you tell yourself to avoid the gym:

  • You’re tired because…
    • You couldn’t sleep last night
    • You had a really long day at work
    • You had a really rough day at work

  • You’re sick because…
    • You can’t shake this cold that’s going around
    • Allergy season is really taking its toll

  • You have too much to do because…
    • You have school assignments piling up
    • There’s work around the house that you’ve been meaning to get to
    • You just are flat out feeling overwhelmed

There’s a good chance you’ve felt one of these feelings, or all of these feelings. You’re not alone – we all have. And we all do. But if there’s one universal truth with regards to health and fitness it’s this: Exercise does wonders for the mind and body.

No matter how you’re feeling leading up to your workout, if structured correctly, you’re guaranteed to feel better afterwards.

  • You’ll feel proud of yourself for overcoming your critical inner voice
  • You’ll be proud of yourself for strengthening your body
  • You’ll enjoy the “runner’s high” following the natural release of chemicals and hormones by your body during rigorous exercise
  • And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be taking ownership of your own health and fitness

“Exercise does wonders for the mind and body.”

Please be mindful of this the next time you catch the lazy bug and feel like skipping out on your workout. When you’re feeling overburdened and overwhelmed, feeling stressed, or tired, Plant Powered Fitness has the cure: Come and train with us. We’re here for you.

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