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Home Gym Essentials for a Great Home Workout


So you’re ready to workout. Congratulations! You’ve put yourself in the right mindset. But where do you begin? Where will you workout? And what will you do? Perhaps you don’t have a gym membership. Or you do have a membership but can’t seem to find the time to get there. Well what if you could successfully workout from the comfort of your own home? A home workout might be the perfect solution for you. And Plant Powered Fitness is here to help.

Every week, we’ll be publishing a new home workout that should take no more than 20 minutes to complete, but will get your body in gear from top to bottom. We’re calling this series the #PPFweeklyWorkout. All you’ll need to do is check back in on a regular basis to get the updated routine. Each week’s routine will be carefully crafted by your favorite vegan personal trainer, Hashim Mteuzi. In order to fully participate though, there are a few prerequisites. Please ensure that you have the following equipment to get the most out of the workout plans:

1. Stability Ball
The stability ball is an essential piece of equipment that provides a level of controlled instability - ensuring that we're stabilizing and strengthening our core throughout all movements. We'll use the ball for core work, as well as exercises requiring a bench, or seat.
2. Foam Roller
Foam rolling, or more technically speaking, self-myofascial release (SMR), will improve muscle imbalances, increase joint range of motion (ROM), and help correct compensatory movement patterns. SMR will be incorporated sometimes at the beginning of the routine as part of the warm-up, or end of the workout as part of the cool down, and sometimes both! A high-density foam roller is recommended for this program.
3. Dumbbells
You'll need a nice set of dumbbells for most of the resistance exercises. While body weight is viable alternative, once you reach a certain level of strength, you'll want to increase the load placed upon the body for maximal results. You have many options for dumbbells; coated, non-coated, and adjustable dumbbells. In terms of space-saving, and scalability, the adjustable weights are best.
4. Exercise Mat
You'll need a nice, comfortable exercise mat for your workouts. One that's large enough for you to perform floor exercises on, and that's durable enough to withstand some serious hard work.
Once you have these items, you’re ready to roll! Come back here every week for an instructor led workout designed to help you get healthy and fit. Master Trainer Hashim Mteuzi will provide you with functional workouts that you can do absolutely anywhere. You won’t find any gimmicky made-up exercises here. Just fun, functional exercises for a home workout that will power you through your day. You’re encouraged to share your experiences on social media and use hashtag #PPFweeklyWorkout!

Essential equipment for a home workout
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